We are engineers, technicians and marketers.

We believe the ability to express oneself lies at the heart of talent, creativity, inventiveness and innovation.

The field we work in, IoT and Smart Home, is not a random choice.

We founded Morpheos to create a space for our ideas and transform them into projects that safeguard and nurture the very place where we express ourselves most freely: “home”.

Edoardo Scarso 2

Edoardo Scarso

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Davide Scarso 150

Davide Scarso

Co-founder, Chief Information Officer & System Integrator

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Nicola Picone

Nicola Picone

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Luca Bonaccorsi

Luca Bonaccorsi

Co-founder, Research and Development Manager & Senior Developer

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Fabio Campione

Fabio Campione

Co-founder & Firmware development manager

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Leo Scarso

Leo Scarso

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Engineer

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Giuseppe Farioli 1

Giuseppe Farioli

Software Architect & Computer vision specialist

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Elisa Catania

Elisa Catania

Job Consultant & Human Resource

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