HiPadel - Starter Kit

The HiPadel Starter Kit contains the basic set of necessary elements for a complete registration system for 1 Padel court.

HiPadel Camera

Compatible and adaptable to any type of fields, the Hi Padel Camera streams live and records in 2K quality  the entire game as well as the highlights . The HiPadel camera can be installed directly on the padel court and due to its adaptability it can be mounted on the main beam, or on the central column of the fence; in the upper position for a complete view of the field without glass placed in front of the video camera or in the lower position, behind the rear glass of the field, for a more professional point of view.
The HiPadel camera allows you to record full matches, 30-second highlights of the best player actions or Live Stream on social networks or on the screens of your sports club.

GiveMe5 Sensor

The GiveMe5 is an innovative touch sensor applied to the outside of the glass of the field that allows players to record their best actions with a simple “High-five” at the panel.
By placing a hand on the glass, the system will memorize a clip of the last 30 seconds recorded. At the end of the game, players will be able to review their highlights via the link sent to them by the field manager. 
Light indicators placed on the sensor demonstrate if HiPadel is recording and inform the player after a “High-five”.
N.B. it is possible to connect up to 2 GiveMe5 Sensors per field.

HiPadel Box

The HiPadel Box, with IP55 protection, is the connection point for the power cables, the HiPadel Camera cables, the sensor cables and the data network cable. It contains the electronic system that stores and processes the recordings and manages the GiveMe5 sensors and smart bracelets.


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      About us
      HiPadel is a product developed in partnership between HiGoal S.r.l. and Morpheos S.r.l. and is present in the Italian, French and Spanish markets. It collaborates with the main national sports federations and associations.
      HiGoal is a pioneer company in automatic sports recordings.
      Morpheos is a company developing technological solutions and artificial intelligence applied to sport.