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Morpheos IoT Platform

The Morpheos IoT Platform is a modular environment designed for the rapid development, hardware and software, IoT devices and Smart applications with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functionality.

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Technologies e Solutions by Morpheos

Every technology represents our vision of the future, a future where innovation evolves into tangible progress and measurable success.

Internet of ThingsArtificial Intelligence MicroelettronicsAugmented reality Smart HomeHome automation

The IoT Hub with Integrated AI

Momo IoT Hub

Momo IoT Hub is a personalisable system that offers a wide range of solutions for connected and intelligent homes, is able to reduce energy consumptions, to optimise the comfort, to upgrade the security and protection of homes and businesses.


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Transform Inspirations into Realty

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality: we unite newest technologies and futuristic visions to discover new horizons in the world of business.

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our latest patent:

Galvaguard, a simple system, reliable and portable, patented by Morpheos and designed to prevent wear resulting from galvanic currents on boats.
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