Intelligent installation for Smart Luxury Homes

Vitrum Design
September 2019
3 Months
Z-wave touch switches with italian glass and stone aesthetics managed by the intelligence of UFO AI Hub
The goal was to design a high-end home experience, integrating advanced Morpheos technology and great product design in an unique experience.

Your home in your pocket.

The application is exclusively designed together with Things for the Vitrum, the italian company which presents a new concept of Smart living: thanks to its Z-Wave technological heart.

Vitrum design collection, made to transform traditional electrical switches into intelligent products, easy to use and with a cutting-edge design.
The app, through an organization for environments and types of devices, manages:
  • User profile and multiple access to property
  • Security
  • Environment
  • Monitor environmental status and parameters or lighting
  • Thermoregulation
  • Automation (curtains)
  • Door contacts and motion sensors
Our UFO Ambient intelligence Hub is configurated to Vitrum products with the possibility of having easy and advanced configuration tools for its system integrators and an app for iOS and Android to be provided to end users as an interface for managing their home.

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