Roberta Consoli

I’d like everyone to be able to read. Not to become scholars or poets, but so nobody is slave anymore – Gianni Rodari

Roberta is Public Relations Manager and part of the business development team, focusing on business communication and international relations.

Four years, three languages
In 2011 Roberta took her Modern Languages and Literature Degree at Catania University with a 110/110 mark. During university, she obtained a Russian language certification at Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow and B1 level Spanish at Clic International House Sevilla, Centro de lenguas e Intercambio Cultural.

360° sales
Before working at Morpheos, Roberta is Sales Manager, managing sales activities and interfacing with several important brands and advertising agencies in Italy (such as Rai, Natuzzi Group, Factory 21, Gruppo Korus, Kaos Lab) and abroad (Americhip, Annette Meyer, WB Tra AB). In 2014 she became Communications & Marketing Manager, she elaborates reports, market analysis and marketing campaigns, she manages new resources and cooperates with the technical department for customer care and after sales assistance. In her free time, she cooperates with magazines and websites, translating articles and content to English.

Roberta takes part in conceiving, developing and analyzing strategies carried out by the marketing department, she manages public relations, writes and translates documents to English.

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