At Morpheos we develop products and services conceived  for SME, which want to offer their customers Smart Home and Building Automation innovative a solutions,  able to create  real intelligent environments

MOMO OS – Solutions custom-made on your business

Whether you speak with enterprises or privates, thanks to Momo OS and the support of our development team you can renovate and improve the offer of your company through an innovative solution.

Momo OS can be integrated in traditional domotics systems and appliances or implemented for the development of innovative IoT devices for control and management of life environments of home or office.

Security e Protection

Easy to use

Privacy first

Learn&Adopt Intelligence

Open Source


We integrated Momo OS in highly performing hardware to offer ready-to-use solutions

Momo – Business Box

Together with the “Smart IT” kit – set of devices powered by Morpheos – it allows small and medium enterprises to smartly and efficiently automate the business management. Elaborating and aggregating data on processes, actions and places, Momo – Business Box allows the creation of new business models, contributing to improve customer engagement, production cycles and the optimization of energy resources.

Momo – The Home Genius

From the combination of IoT and Artificial Intelligence, taking advantage from the ease of use of a lamp, was born Momo – The Home Genius. It’s a design lamp integrating Momo OS, the proactive software of Artificial Intelligence, that, through Learn&Adopt Intelligence algorithms, is able to learn from users’ behavior. Momo protects and monitors the environment through a complete system of sensors able to “feel and sense” what happens at home, allowing users to manage and monitor through the smartphone their homes in every moment and from everywhere.

Contact us and, together, we’ll find the most suitable solution to your needs.