Nicola Picone

640K ought to be enough for anybody – Bill Gates

Nicola, as Morpheos Co – Founder and Chief Tecnology Officer, manages research, investigation and estimate of the best technologies and devices on the market to be interfaced with projects developed, as well as he controls company security, privacy policy and public relations.

Nicola’s passion for scientific subjects begins at school and then continues with the choice of Computer Engineering faculty at Catania University.

Knowledge development
Nicola is characterized by a natural inclination to company management and planning. He outlines the strategy of company organizationional processes and the combination of available and potential IT resources, in order to achieve goals thanks to the experience gained about solutions and methods to manage company processes: Agile, Cloud Computing, Sharepoint Server, Windows Azure, Business Intelligence for SQL Server and IT systems. He believes in efficiency and high productivity of a multifunction and self-organized developing team.

ICT Manager: Evols and Xenia Progetti 
At Evols S.r.l. and Xenia Progetti S.r.l. he is ICT Project Manager also managing internal security and coordinating several departments for internal and verification audits (RSPP e RLS), relationship with quality consultant and certifying authority’ supervisors, overseeing documents such as the Rescue Evaluation Document, security guidelines, procedures, organizational charts, production fluxes, etc…). He manages Company security and privacy policy.

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