Pre-order Momo on Indemand Indiegogo

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Two weeks passed from the Kickstarter campaign end, and Momo – The Home Genius is again in pre-order on Indemand Indiegogo

In fact, recently, the popular platform launched a new service giving visibility to crowdfunding products that have reached the goal (we reached our one after fifteen days from the beginning of the campaign). So companies continue raising funds, tell their story, increase the audience and move to the sales’ phase.

During the campaing we received several approvals by magazines such as Digital Trends or Wareable, saying that “Smart-home hubs are rarely stylish or multifunctional, but the Momo is both” or “Momo would appear an interesting option to explore”.


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The team is glad about the reaction of the various crowdfunding public, composed of buyers and supporters of the project ready to offer ideas and suggestions to give an edge to Momo development.


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