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Power Energia

Momo, Artificial Intelligence for enterprises

Rome, September 19, 2018 – In synergy with Power Energia, Morpheos will take part to the Powerful Day, at Palazzo della Cooperazione in Rome, with a speech called “Momo, Artificial Intelligence for enterprises”.

In fact, in November 2017, Morpheos stipulated a partnership with Power Energia Società cooperativa – a company that manages and distributes energy and gas to enterprises all over Italy – to supply a declination of Momo project conceived for the Business world.

Momo for business is the “brain” of the whole Smart IT system, a modular kit composed of a collection of sensors and smart devices, which allows to extend to each environment of offices and companies, the features offered by the Artificial Intelligence of Momo. Processing and gathering data on people, actions and places, Momo Smart IT kit allows the creation of new business models, contributing to improve customer engagement, production cycles and energy resources optimization. In particular, in the business context, the development of a complete IoT solution, requires complex organisational processes, long terms and important investments. Thanks to the know-how and the technology developed by  Morpheos, this processes can be rapidly accellerated, relying on a trustworthy system able also to increase competitiveness and productivity of small and medium enterprises.

The recent lauch of the pilot phase, in cooperation with Power Energia, aims to test and apply the potentiality of Momo system in several production contextes, giving a proactive contribute:

  • management and optimization of energy consumption through the real-time detection of environment changes inside production spaces and the adaptive features of the system, able to adjust energy resources on this environment modifications and objectives to achieve;
  • constant monitoring of air quality inside workspaces for a puntctual management of environmental conditions required for the correct execution of production activities;
  • smart management of building entrances to mantain high security levels and support the creation of intelligent scenarios and automations;
  • proactive monitoring of elder or disabled people, thanks to the detection of sudden illness or help requests, guaranteeing an immediate intervention and, at the same time, automations able to enhance comfort and environment conditions.

The Powerful Day 2018 is an occasion to think today about the energetic future of Italy, of our companies and families. Only through a renewed awareness about the use of energy resources will be possible to build the world of tomorrow enjoying better life, air and ambient quality.

Source: www.powerenergia.eu