Morpheos presents Momo: The Home Genius

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In occasione di SMAU 2016, Morpheos presenterà ufficialmente il design di Momo, dispositivo innovativo della Smart Home dall'uso semplice e immediato.


Join us for the presentation of Momo!
Tuesday, 25th October – 12:00
Hall 4 Stand A35


Catania, 7th October, 2016 – Morpheos, an innovative start-up from Catania, will be at SMAU Milan 2016 presenting Momo, the first device for the Smart Home that is designed to simplify your home life, enhancing your living experience and making it more efficient and enjoyable. 

During the prestigious Milan event, Morpheos will officially present the design of Momo, the innovative device that is easy and intuitive to use, capable of independently managing, lighting and ambient temperature, identify dangers or requests for assistance, without any interaction with the user and keeping you informed of the status of your home at any time and from anywhere.

Equipped with sensors for home monitoring and capable of implementing multiple “Smart Home” features, Momo requires no configuration or installation and can adapt its operation to changes in the surrounding environment. Momo offers users higher levels of security for your home, optimizing consumption and minimizing energy waste.

Edoardo Scarso, Morpheos Founder and CEO, says: “Momo is the first product created by our start-up in order to build a smart home that satisfies the needs of owners. When we designed Momo, we imagined the house of tomorrow, applying technology to focus on comfort and well-being. The SMAU Milan 2016 tradeshow, is a perfect showcase for the official presentation of the design and the capabilities of the device we’re developing”.

Morpheos is the first Sicilian start-up backed by Digital Magics. Digital Magics is a certified incubator for innovative start-up and digital scale up, listed on AIM Italia since 2013. Morpheos main objective with Momo is render new technologies more accessible and usable for a safer and more comfortable home that reflects the lifestyle of individuals and families.

After winning Smart & Start Italia funding in 2015, Morpheos has participated in several events and contests dedicated to the most innovative start-ups on the national scene, such as Disruptive Week in Milan and the Edison Pulse contest, reaching the final round of the competition.

Information about Morpheos: Morpheos is an innovative start-up founded in 2015 focused on industrial research and development of hardware and software technologies. Through know-how and research, combined with the founders’ passion, and experience gained in Artificial Intelligence applied to websites and domestic robotics over the years, resulted in the creation and development of the “Momo” project.

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