Momo – The Home Genius to the Maker Faire in New York

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Another participation at a Maker Faire for team Morpheos, thanks to the ICE, this time in New York.

Catania, 7th September 2017 – In the Made in Italy campaign promoting investment, for 2017 the ICE (Italian Trade Commission Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy) has organized an Italian group exhibition at the Maker Faire in New York. This is a chance not to be missed for Morpheos, – the startup incubated by Digital Magics in February 2016 – that has been selected, together with other innovative Italian companies, to take part in the section of the event dedicated to Italy on 23-24th September in the Hall of Science, Queens.

The Maker Faire is the largest event in the world, open to all, in the field of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, that celebrates the Maker movement founded to improve society and create a brighter future. The first Maker Faire took place in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area and, up to 2016 there have been about 200 events all over the world, led by San Mateo, New York, Rome and Shenzhen.

Over the years, Morpheos’ participation at Maker Faires has always coincided with important phases in Momo’s development. In 2015 in Rome, thanks to Invitalia, we presented our vision of Momo, without revealing its shape or form or demonstrating specific functionality. In 2016, again in Rome and again thanks to Invitalia, we demonstrated the 3D-printed prototype, capable of streaming photos and videos and managing smart devices in a domestic environment. This year at the Mini Maker Faire in Turin, on invitation from the Casa Jasmina team, the 3D-printed Momo was presented together with its mockup version, that provided a preview of the attractive and functional design.

See Maker Faire Rome 2016: Il Messaggero interviews Edoardo Scarso and Momo – The Home Genius

So what have we got in store for New York? We’d love to meet all our American backers that supported Momo in our crowdfunding campaign, firstly on Kickstarter and then on  Indiegogo’s Indemand (where it is still available in pre-order at an extremely convenient discounted price). They’ll get the chance to see the latest developments as the project progresses, and obviously, it’ll be a great opportunity to present Momo to all Maker fans that are yet to meet us.


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