Momo The Home Genius: Best IoT Award 2016

Nov/16280 LIKES

Momo wins its first award –  Best IoT Award 2016

The whole team was pitching for Momo and Davide Scarso, who was presented the award live online. Among the winners and participants, illustrious names from tech businesses who have made innovation their mission. The award is a great boost to our project and all our efforts!

1° Prize: Momo – The Home Genius by Morpheos – Smart Home Energy category

2° Prize: ‘Get on board. Drive Now reaches Milan’ by Business Press for Drive Now Gmbh&co – Automotive/mobility category 

3° Prize: for the project Digital Lifestyle Experience by Accenture for Coop – retail category

4° Prize: to ‘Beautiful, safe and connected: Città Sant’Angelo is now an intelligent City’ Philips Lighting for the Council of Città Sant’Angelo – Smart Cities category

5° Prize: the project Whirlpool App 6th sense live by Whirlpool – Energy category

6° Prize: ‘XMetrics – Empowering Performance’ by XMetrics – Wearable category

Best Research & Development Approach Iot Award: Huawei Technologies


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