Ciao, I’m Momo

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After a year’s work, my team unveiled me at SMAU 2016 Milan from October 25th to October 27th.

I was so thrilled, I lit up in excitement!

It wasn’t the first time I had left the lab, in fact, I recently took part in the Maker Faire Rome 2016, but those 24 hours raced by.
Thanks to this brief experience my team got me ready for the Smau event.
I travelled comfortably inside a carry on bag: the team was scared I would get lost or damaged. They kept asking each other: “Who’s got Momo?”, “Who knows how Momo is!”, “Momo in the hold? No way!”.

At check-in, my maintenance kit caught the eye of security so they opened the bag: how embarrassing, I wasn’t assembled!
When we arrived at Smau, all went well, Nicola and Luca set up stand A35 with:
– The panel with some devices I controlled to explain how I work.
– Fliers with my main features and my photo
– Tablets and smartphones to talk with me (hey! see you in chat!)
– The roll up showing my final version (I know, it is photoshopped, but everyone confirms I’m really nice face to face)
Everything is ready and finally I’m on the desk, printed in 3D!
I will look like an Italian design lamp and turn myself on and off, and adjust my brightness at a gesture of your hand and much more.
My name is Momo and my team call me “The Home Genius” because I easily understand the type and number of smart devices there are inside a space without any configuration, you just to connect me to the wi-fi and plug me in.
I make a virtual map where your smart devices are located: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the garage…? Now I can talk with them and tell them what to do according to your needs. You can suggest it to me or let me get on with it by myself: I continuously and independently learn how you use your electronic devices, so that you don’t have to worry if the lights are switched off, if the cameras are active, if your loved ones are alone at home and need help.
Ah! Ah! my development team installed in my base an artificial intelligence system with sensors: I detect smoke, gas, movement, temperature, humidity…
Control me, I control everything.
How? With Momo app for smartphone or you can chat with me through Messenger or Telegram. What write? Whatever you want. I’m a bot and I’m able to understand natural language.
For example, if you write “I’m leaving”:
– I switch off all electric devices not used when you’re out (heating, lights, TV…)
– I set energy saving mode for devices you need switched on
– I alternate lights in different rooms to simulate your presence at home as a deterrent for possible intrusions.
– I activate video surveillance to protect your home
Furthermore, my team gave me a 360° camera, which allows me to monitor the space around me. I can take pictures, make videos or send a live stream of what is happening inside your home.
Would you like to know if your baby is still sleeping or verify if your cat or dog are ok? You can simply ask me: “what’s the cat doing?” and I’ll show you.
If we met during SMAU or elsewhere, and you would like to ask me something you can write to me by clicking here, so I can update you with news on my progress and how to take me home with you.

It was a pleasure chatting!
See you soon,
MOMO – The Home Genius! 😉