Fuorisalone 2018, SpazioDonno

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Designcircus Fs18

Stefano Epis, creator of Design Circus, selected Momo to be one of the thirty Made-in-Italy enterprises exhibiting at the Spazio Donno. 

Common denominator? The Made in Italy. Stefano Epis, founder of Design Circus, in occasion of the Milano Design Week 2018, selected Momo as one of the thirty enterprises linked to design, art and technology.

The event will be hosted in the 700 sq. m. expositive area of Spazio Donno, in Via Conte Rosso 36, in Lambrate district. 

The context is the Fuorisalone 2018, that is, since 80’s, protagonist of a succession of previews and artists. 

Not only contemporary artists: from April 17 to 22,  there will be a selection of designers of tech objects related to the smart home, such as devices and appliances comminicating one to the other, able to manage the security of a flat or of an entire house with just few clicks. 

“The aim of Design Circus is to realize a unique appintment, not only to meet creatives, listen on their stories, see with your own eyes the qulity of their products, but also give to artists and designers’ self-handling the proper importance, allowing to create new synergies among them and generating co-marketing activities to develope new business projects”.