Learn&Adopt Intelligence

Momo learns your habits and environmental preferences thanks to machine learning and suggests automations for your home to perfectly fit your life style.

Works with other smart devices

Microphones and speakers

Sends alarms to your smartphone


Home Security

Momo is packed with standalone security features like motion detection, facial recognition, and intelligent sound detection, and applies its intelligence to any additional security system and connected device in your home. It will even apply motion detection and facial recognition to images from other connected cameras.

Face Recognition

Motion Detection

Sound detection

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Home Safety

Designed to maintain a healthy home environment, Momo’ sensors detect unsafe levels of gas or other pollutants and check for poor air quality. Momo will send you an alert, will flash, and/or sounds an alarm to warn you to remedy unhealthy conditions.


Humidity analysis

Air quality detection


Smart home Super hub

Thanks to a full suite of connectivity sistems, Momo can automatically sync with and manage all smart home devices.


Technical specification

CPU: Dual-core 1.0 GHz

RAM 1 gigabyte DDR3

eMMC 16Gb

Bluetooth BLE

Wi-fi A/B/G/N

Z-wave compatible

SUB 1Ghz Frequency

360 Night/Day View Camera

Movement sensor

Brightness sensor

Temperature and Humidity sensor

Air Quality, Gas & Smoke sensor

Gyroscope – Accelerometer 


Spatial microphones array