Luca Milazzo

I’m not the product of my situation. I’m the result of my choices- Stephen Covey

Luca Milazzo is Morpheos Product Strategist, he studies the reference market comparing the design phase with the analysis and verifies functional features of the product addressing the interaction with the customer.

Applied Philosophy

After graduating in Philosophy at Catania University, he specializes at Milan University in Cognitive Sciences and Decision-making processes. Luca applies the theory studied to multiple interdisciplinary activities, analyzing and gaining a greater understanding of consumer behavior and cognitive and decision-making processes.

Brand, Marketing and Advertisement

In 2015 Luca is Account and Brand Manager at Reattiva where he is development consultant for several brands and manages marketing and advertising projects. Formerly, at the UNHCR branch in Catania, he works to raise awareness and deliver information about United Nations activities.

Morpheos and strategies 

Excellent relational skills, experience in sales development and competence in cognitive sciences, brings Luca to Morpheos in 2016, where today he is Product Strategist and researcher of Artificial Intelligence models and patterns.

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