Luca Bonaccorsi

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

Luca Bonaccorsi is Morpheos Senior Web Engineer, Co-Founder, and Research & Development Manager.


Luca begins working immediately after school as a Web Developer, Web Designer, Graphic artist and System Network Administrator. Later he attends the Computer Engineering faculty at Catania University. His career and his friendship with Nicola Picone began during this period.

Companies and Projects

Luca joins Zetel S.r.l. in 2007 as a Software Engineer. Here he analyzes, develops, designs and implements a multi-tenant Booking Engine and a F&B Reservation system and improves his technological skills on MS Sql Server, HTML, ASP.NET Webforms, CSS, Javascript, NHibernate, VBA, Office Interop. At the same time, he teaches “Projecting Solutions for multimedia communication” on an advanced technical course.

2010: new activities

In 2010 he begins working at Evols S.r.l., where manages several projects: two-way interface for automation processes, Core Business Projects, Web UI for next gen products. In 2011 he co-founds Etna Walk, an Etna Video and Photography association, to share real-time news about the volcano, culture and respect for nature. He manages and optimizes content for search engines and social networks, develops an app and the website achieving, without any kind of promotion, more than 6K unique accesses and a fan base of more than 16K users. Furthermore, Luca is co-founder of the first Microsoft group, OrangeDotNet.

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