We give shape to intelligence

At Morpheos innovative services come to life, thanks to the experience in proprietary software and advanced hardware. We love design products with multiple functions, easy and intuitive to use at home or office. This is the reason why we create flexible technologies.
Our passion for design, details and innovation gives new shape to décor objects, so we changed a common object like a lamp into a home robot. Momo – The Home Genius is an Artificial Intelligence system, which protects home and its inhabitants, independently creating home automation and learning from thir behaviors. Momo can share technology and features with other devices for a complete smart experience.


Learn&Adopt intelligent system learns and repeats user behavior as customized automations.


Open system: the features are extendible to additional security devices. For instance, face recognition shared with your security cameras.


Momo isn’t only composed of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it also has a set of sensors, microphones and actuators that “feel”, as a nervous system, what happens at home.

We trust in

Momo Ecosystem

Solutions and support for software service development using Momo operative system and platform.


Thanks to connectivity, using cloud services, analysis of complex data can be supplied.
The ecosystem is distributed in spaces controlled by Momo intelligent hub.


The starting kit Momo Smart Home & Office is a rapid solution for an IoT implementation driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Forecasts say

the number of users in the Smart Home and Smart Building markets will increase as follows:

the number of Smart Home devices’ owners will be:

Who shares our idea

Nice to meet you, we’re the founders

Edoardo Scarso
Founder & CEO

Project Manager for projects which gathered financing for millions of euros.

Davide Scarso
Founder & CIO

Designer and analyst of IT systems to support company development.

Leo Scarso
CFO & Chief Engineer

30-years’ entrepreneurial experience and specialization in IT, electronics and mechanics.

Nicola Picone
Co-founder & CTO

Solutions and methods in drafting and controlling business process.

Luca Bonaccorsi
Co-founder & R&D

Analysis, design, development and implementation of multi-tenant software architecture.

Fabio Campione
Co-founder & CED

Design and development on hardware and software sides.

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