Giuseppe Quartarone

“What we know about ourselves is only a part, and perhaps very small, of what we are unaware of.”– Luigi Pirandello

Cloud Developer at Morpheos

Education beyond books

Giuseppe graduated in Computer Science at Catania University in March 2018, at the end of an educational path enriched by a strong curiosity and the ability to immediately apply the acquired knowledge.

Canvastic (software to manipulate images through the use of pre-set filters) and Shopshare (on-the-go participated shopping lists manager) are two of his exam projects, while Buyit (system to profile and suggest purchasing) is the Experimental Degree Thesis that closes his cycle of academic studies.

Field experience

In addition to university projects, since 2013 to 2017 Giuseppe has been active in professional experiences as Software Developer in Data Modeling and Testing at 3Cube and Adelante (3Cube Associated).

Giuseppe had the opportunity to refine his skills by gaining experience on databases for management software, developing a platform for energy data integration and consulting for buildings, social platforms, online payments and media management services and exchange between supply and demand.


The magic of programming

Giuseppe’s favourite programming language is Java, but he moves easily between C#, JSon, Processing, HTML and CSS. He has competences with the Spring, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, GWT, GWTP, JUnit, Docker, Openshift, BitBucket frameworks.

Giuseppe is a real programming enthusiast: the interoperability between services, above all, reminds him the magic of role-playing games and collectible cards, hobbies that fill his spare time together with music and movies. After all, programming means giving instructions to the machines to make them do magic.


As a Cloud Developer, in Morpheos Giuseppe manages the authentication of the services used by Momo on cloud architecture.

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