Giuseppe Farioli

Sometimes you have to risk the uncertainty for a certainty – Tony Stark, Iron Man

Software Developer, at Morpheos he supervises development, analysis and creation of software architecture, develops Computer Vision algorithms to extract information from audio and video flows, researches and analyzes the best technologies to adopt.

Education, Projects, Research and Development

In 2011 and 2014 Giuseppe graduates in I.T. with full marks and honors. His second thesis “Real Time Face Re-Identification for Digital Signage” was nominated for the Archimedes Prize and presented to the International Workshop Video Analytics for Audience Measurement in Retail and Digital Signage in Stockholm in 2014. The thesis achieves the aim desired: research of an effective and efficient algorithm for real-time face identification, based only on colored images, using Kinect to detect people, follow their faces, recognize or add them to a database.

Not only study

During the period of the University, he acquires various working skills: at first he cooperates as a technician at Euroconsult Group, but later he teaches the I.T. module on the company course and sets up the I.T. Island Città della Scienza, at the Cutgana Foundation in Catania.
The presentation video of his first thesis “Simulation of muscular deformation through geometric skinning and volume preserving”, allows him to enter GlobalCom S.r.l. as a 3D Designer and create 3D sets and avatars to manage controls and animations. He creates, shapes and animates the Avatar on the RammaЯ project, handling rigging, scanning, texturing, communication with the #C app and automatic labial synchronization for each audio-vocal source.

A non-stop 2014 

In 2014 he participates in the Appathon by Unicredit, a 24-hour marathon for designing, drawing and realizing an app prototype for Mobile Banking, in particular an Edu-finance App. In the same year he graduates for the second time and, at Evols S.r.l., for Android devices, he rewrites the entire RammaЯ project, developing also new features for the back End of the We’Re project.

Code name: skills

In 2015 he collaborates with Xenia Progetti S.r.l. developing web API and multi.tenant applications: use of Repository pattern, Data Mapper (Automapper), Entity Framework, Linq, Dependency Injection (Unity Container), Interceptor Pattern, relational database such as MySql and document database like MongoDb. For Xenia too he handles Web Check-in Back End and Figaro Brand Reputation.
The same year he joins Morpheos, for the development, analysis and realization of an architecture of services for’s Back End website and data recovery, creation and management of the database. For the Momo project he develops the structure and creates modules to manage sensor input devices, identification of voice control and output devices for interaction and movement.

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