Fabrizio Tata

The doubt is the beginning of the knowledge – Cartesio

Fabrizio is Junior Firmware Engineer.

Passion for Robotics

Fascinated by robotics and moved by passion for technology, he took the Math High School degree and enrolled at the Computer Engineering course of Catania University. Between an exam and another, he frequents robotics laboratories in the Mathematics and IT Department where he carries out his internship. He participated, together the University team, to the international robotic competition Eurobot for two years. In period the passion for automation grows.


Fabrizio has experience in programming with C language PIC and STM32 microcontrollers, engineering software for embedded systems and Artificial Intelligence development.


At Morpheos, Fabrizio realizes hardware and software prototypes on STMicroelectronics technology, develops infrared communication and LedBrain embedded firmware. He also manages Momo software updating.

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