Fabio Campione

Knowledge guarantees independence

Fabio Campione is Development manager

The beginning

After graduating, Fabio begins his long career programming in Basic for the development of SPIGA management software at Digitecnica. In 1986 he joins Zetel S.r.l. as a consultant for Alenia Spazio and as a C code programmer developing software to control and monitor (MAC) satellite earth stations. During the period spent at Zetel S.r.l., he attends several courses of Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Cisco.

Knowledge and Experience

At Zetel Fabio is a programmer. He develops and customizes applications and, since 1994, is System Administrator and consultant for ST Microeletronics as Sun Solaris Senior System Administrator. In 2010 he becomes Head of Development at Evols S.r.l..


At Morpheos, Fabio focuses on development of hardware and software models using ST Microelectronics technology: motion sensor (accelerometer, magnetometer); environmental sensor (pressure, humidity, temperature); proximity, gesture and ambient light sensor; DigitalMEMS microphone; ST Wireless connectivity (RF SubGHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy).

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