Elisa Catania

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. – Elbert Hubbard

Elisa is labor consultant and HR manager at Morpheos. For Development and Research projects, she handles the organization of short-term and long-term activities and team members’ career growth.

Education, Work, Experience

During university Elisa studies while also an intern at Giuseppe La Fico Labor Consultants. She becomes a certified Labor Consultant two years before her degree in Labor Consultancy in 2009 at Catania University, followed by registration with the Labor Consultants Association. In 2016, Elisa wins the scholarship for HR Management and Digital & Organization Master, awarded by IlSole24ORE Business School for professionals.

Two years worth double

After her degree, she works in administration and on tenders at Micromed S.r.l. and Enerled S.r.l. At the Garden Hotel, managed by C.I.G.A.T. S.r.l., Elisa begins showing interest in staff management not only as a consultant, but also coordinating team work in several departments, monitoring business mood, applying problem solving and mediating conflicts between employees/departments, representing the company in trade union relations.

Morpheos Team

At Evols S.r.l. Elisa manages company Research and Development projects, with over 4.3 million Euros financing, and submitting funding requests. Her consulting activity continues at Caterina Tosto Labour Consultants. In 2015 she joins Morpheos’ team as HR Manager and Labour Consultant.

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