Edoardo Scarso

Craft is the application of knowledge to the realization of a conception – The Engineer’s Aestethic, Le Corbusier 1923

He is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Morpheos, created in 2014. Edoardo Scarso manages and outlines business strategy, supervising company activities. He guides team and business values evolution and he manages projects defining their technology and basic features.

2010 – Acquiring Design Skill % 

Before graduating in Computer Engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan in 2010, Edoardo studied IT, Mathematics and Technical Physics at Catania University. For three years, he participates to the Worldwide Partner Conference and attends web architect classes performed by Microsoft in Milan. At Zetel S.r.l. he works as Junior Programmer and develops projects about Web Portal and Portal System. His experimental thesis is an automatic system for activation, management and updating of Soma System software. He starts thinking to found a company.

Project Manager

At Zetel S.r.l. Edoardo is Project Manager with two projects, Networksail in 2004 and Bussy.net in 2009, a social portal system. In 2010 he joins Evols S.r.l. where, in four years, he designs and develops the following projects: Clouter, a business cloud platform to access professional low cost software managing systems, We’Re, crowler Internet system which gathers reviews about hotels, restaurants and attractions by network scanning, RammaЯ, a verbal interaction interface programmable cybernetic system, an AI software, able to do complex applications through a human language and last, but not least, Pythia, touristic observatory which anonymously and automatically gathers data concerning performances through a server application interfaced with an accommodation facilities PMS. After a further experience as Project Manager at Tesi Automazione S.r.l., he founds, with his brother Davide, the Osscar S.n.c., company specialized in Business Innovation in the ICT area.

2014: Morpheos foundation 

As a Project Manager, by now specialist in IT planning and experienced in projects that gained remarkable financings, in 2014 Edoardo founds Morpheos, where will to create innovative products is combined with the Industrial Research and Development activity.

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