Davide Scarso

Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems – Scott Adams

Davide Scarso, Chief Information Officer and System Integrator, manages methods, techniques and instruments oriented to increase data gathering, transmission and processing. He also selects information and knowledge to support business strategical choices.

Education and Awards

Enrolled in Computer Engineering at Catania University, in 2010 he accomplishes the EUCIP – IT Administrator certificate at Cisco Networking Academy. He wins the My Wall Contest Award with the short “Mon amour – Love Behind the wall”.

I.T. is his daily bread

Davide works since his youth. In 2010, at Zetel S.r.l. is IT systems Technician and manages the requalification of Internet network and computer systems and carries out the installation of company software for customers, SQL Server and network systems configuration and Domain Controller Server, furthermore designs and realizes a control system for inbound and outbound Internet volume using ISA Server. In 2011 the experience continues with C.I.G.A.T. S.r.l., planning and creating hotel Internet network and website. The following year he is Systems planner and Analyst at Evols S.r.l. where he selects the most suitable IT solutions to implement new Research and Development products coordinating, at the same time, software and systems development (analysis, development, test and activation).


In 2014 he joins Morpheos foundation together with his brother Edoardo. Besides, Davide is co-founder at La Verde La Malfa Organization, a wonderful Sicilian Art Park.

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