Bartolo Scarso

When I think of Morpheos, I relate it to a dreamlike image which becomes reality, the will and the pleasure of creating what other people want, offering your own experience for the benefit of others.

1983 – Education

He graduated in Electrical Engineering, specializing in I.T., at Catania University with honors and “Excellence in Studies”. He took his experimental degree thesis and internship at Italtel Divisione Spazio and from here his long career begins.

1983 – 1986 The beginning

Initially he cooperates with important national and international telecommunications’ companies such as Marconi, Selenia and Telespazio. He is Project Manager at Alenia Spazio, in charge of the development of microprocessors’ control software using Tektronics and Digital and Hardware Custom for management and control of satellite telecommunication earth stations. On behalf of Alenia Spazio, he develops one of the first multi-process operating systems.

1989 – 2009 Foundation of first company

Thanks to the experience gained, he establishes “Zetel S.r.l.”, where he is founder and Chief Executive Officer, specialized in industrial automation and control systems for satellite telecommunications.


During the same period, he teaches I.T. and acts as a consultant obtaining several partnerships with important Universities and research bodies.


At the end of 90’s Eng. Scarso directs the activity of Zetel to the tourist world, developing “Nuconga”, a hotel management software which in a short space of time becomes one of the most popular applications in Italy and the company’s core business.


During his activity at Zetel he established partnerships with the most important Hardware and Software companies such as MICROSOFT, HP, IBM, CISCO, EPSON, ORACLE and SUN. Thanks to these partnerships the company gains greater experience in UNIX and Windows environments, in Networking and the Internet.

2010 – 2015 New challenges

He undertakes a new business venture founding, with Readytec S.p.A., a successful Italian company working in the IT area too, Evols S.r.l. At Evols he immediately becomes leader in developing innovative solutions for the tourist field with branches in Sicily, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio and Sardinia, becoming Research and Development Director and Managing Director.
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