Angela Nicastro

If you add a little to little, and you do it frequently, soon the little will become a lot – Hesiod, Works and Days

Analyst and programmer at Morpheos, Angela Nicastro handles account service procedures and customer building.

From degree to work

After the ECAP diploma, Angela begins working as accountant at Gruppo Pantò. In 1988 at Tesi S.r.l. in her role of archive supervisor and admin, she cooperates on accounting and bookkeeping in the accounting department.

Accounts and financial reporting

In 1989 Angela joins Zetel S.r.l., where, for 20 years, she is Administrative Processes Manager, dealing with accounts and financial reporting, banking, fiscal and business relationships. In 2010, at Evols S.r.l., she manages the administrative department.


At Morpheos Angela handles planning and development of all economical transactions, keeping accounting records and tax receipts, invoices, administrative and fiscal documents and the balance sheet.

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