A glance on the Artificial Intelligence

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More and more often we’ve heard about applied Artificial Intelligence on several areas and products that are part of our daily life: from our smartphone, car, passing through internet services, devices for the management of our home. This branch of the IT is growing rapidly, becoming one of the most relevant technological and economical trends in the last years.

In order to understand the disruptive impact of A.I. is sufficient report some data taken from the researches led by Statista (reference portal for studies and market analysis), affirming that in 2018 the revenues coming from the Artificial Intelligence will arrive up to 19.1 billion dollars. These projections also advise that the worldwide revenue of this field will grow for ten times from 2017 to 2022, legitimating the investments made by several enterprises. Only in 2016, in fact, the 32% (one company in three) of the enterprises operating in the Information Technology and Software area which invested in A.I.

But, what Artificial Intelligence is? We can simply define it as the ability of a technological system to solve problems or perform tasks typical of the human mind. On the other hand, more technically, we can define the A.I., as a discipline that realizes machines (hardware and software) able to act autonomously, solving problems and doing complex actions. The diffusion of this framework is given by the high technological maturity reached today both in the computational calculus, thanks to hardware systems with small dimensions, low consumptions and high power, and the real-time analysis of a huge number of data.

For almost one year we talked about Momo Artificial Intelligence, its benefits and innovative scenarios for our life at home and at the office.

For this reason, we decided to create a small overview inside our blog dedicated to the exploration of this area more and more present in our daily life. Together, we will try to understand, in a simple and easy way features and possibilities offered by this technology which promises to improve our life, to try to know it better and use its potential.

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