Kickstarter: one year later!

Blog 1 Anno Kickstarter 1

One year passed from the launch of the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and so we decided to retrace what happened during the past months.

The 37 campaign days represented a unique opportunity and experience, that, step by step, allowed us to make more and more real our dream: let Momo enter your houses. It had been an important year, distinguished by hard work but also huge satisfactions and extraordinary meetings, that allowed to the members of the Morpheos Team to grow personally and professionally.

The launch of the crowdfunding campaign activated a series of activities related to the development of our Home Genius, to make it near to the needs of our supporters. Thanks to the success of the campaign, we had the opportunity of coming out from our laboratories and go all over the world participating to several international events.

So, we took part to the Maker Faire in New York, where we met important makers coming from all over the world, we had been to the Wired Next Fest in Florence, which enhanced how innovative Morpheos is in the national scenario. The 2018 began with one of the most relevant trade shows about innovative technologies, the CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and continued with the 4 Years From Now in Barcelona, the Fuori Salone in Milan up to the Smau London, where we had the opportunity to meet Big Players in the market.

The campaign represented also the first real market test, which made us know more deeply backers and consumers and boosted the project to several entrepreneurs and potential partners interested in the project.

Hence, we participated and won several contests such as the “Platinum Membership” of the CBA (Cross Border Angels – an American platform to put in contact investors and startups) and the Aviva Customer Innovation Award, strengthening what had been previously declared by Forbes Italia in January, where Morpheos was considered as one of the 27 most innovative startups in Italy.

It had been an exciting year for the Team. A useful year to give a boost for new ambitious objectives we are certain to achieve thanks to the support of our first customers and followers and to demonstrate, once again, that no goal is precluded when enthusiasm and commitment find application into a project that knows how to look to the future!