3 smart home gifts for Christmas

Last minute smart gifts

How many times your auntie showed up with a “smart gift” and it was the same, old, wool sweater? A lot, we know.

For heaven’s sake, a soft and warm sweater is what we need for winter, but… we like smart things, right? Both to receive and to give, the right gift makes people happier than any other thing!

We have selected 3 objects for your nerd friends, for the tech-savvy family or for yourself (yes, we know) to give your home smart characteristics.


Yeelight Xiaomi smart lamp – 25.99€

Xiaomi YeelightYou can find it on Amazon for less than 26€, the Xiaomi Yeelight is great for your first approach to led smart lighting for your favourite room. You can control it with its dedicated remote or via mobile app. It has RGB colors and a 600 lumen intensity. It is also power-efficient and it doesn’t need a hub!

Icing on the cake: its disco mode synchs with music for a great effect and light play for your parties and off moments.

So, by spending less than the most-famous Philips Hue, the person that will receive this gift will take a great lamp to start experimenting with the potential of this kind of devices.

Smart Plug HiWild – 2 pack 33.99 €

The smart plugs are small devices, simple and innovative. These are adapters that, installed into a normal wall socket, give it Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with the smart home management systems.
The Smart plug can be connected to any devices and any kind of appliances, such as refrigerators, toasters, coffee makers, TVs, (even the computer) and manage remote ignition and power off via smartphone apps, or set a power-on program and automatic shutdown according to our needs, to avoid energy waste and make many daily actions automatic.
A taste of the future at less than € 15 each.

TP Link home Wi-Fi coverage system – € 87.99 – € 299.00

We rise in price, but it’s worth it. Right now, maybe your smart home has few components, but it is reasonable to think that in the coming months will increase: one leads to another!
To ensure that everything runs smoothly and in any corner of the house, it is appropriate to have a broad, stable and fast internet coverage.
For this reason, the classic router could be enough, but if we want to do everything at the best we have to turn to “mesh” solutions. These are special routers, often in kits that include the central router and one or more signal repeaters (depending on the width of the area to be covered).
Apparently the classic antennas are missing, but they are well integrated within the design of these objects. A good configuration can make all connections reliable: from multiple computers and smartphones or tablets to the various devices connected in every room.
The system we talking about is the cheapest among its competitors (€ 87 for a single repeater and € 299 for a kit of three), but as nothing less than the others competitors for yours domestic needs. Give it a gift and make your friends happy with a powerful devices for all smart gadgets coming up next year.

These are our 3 proposals to start making your smart home, waiting for a roaring 2018! In fact, there will be many new features, including … well, for now we will not tell you anything!

We wish you Happy Holidays and a smart 2018!