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Can you keep an eye on your home even when you’re out? It’s possible!

A private space in the world

Our homes are not only the  places we live in, or rather: the meanings to us that home has are multifold and extend far beyond a wall and roof over our heads. The home plays an important part in our daily lives.

At home we sleep, cook and eat, we spend time with the family, we study, relax, cry and rejoice. It is the place on earth that all human beings can consider their own. Intimate, welcoming, warm, safe.

How precious is it to us?

Very! In our homes we keep our personal belongings, our memories, computers, snapshots (yes, the embarrassing ones too with the flares …) wardrobes of clothes… so, now more than ever, we want it to be safe and secure not only when we are snuggled up inside, but also when we are away, at work or school, or on vacation.

Home sweet home

Let’s admit it, for some of us it’s a fixation. When we are away from home we’re never totally carefree. Niggling worries linger at the back of our minds: Did I leave the gas on, how many times did I turn the lock, and whether somebody might break in to our personal world. We would always like to know if the kids, grandparents or our pets are safe and sound.

Smart home sweet smart home

For greater peace of mind we can hire a home security firm or trust a friend with a pair of keys to check everything is OK. Well, in 2017 we can keep an eye on our home ourselves even if we are summer holidaying in Santorini in Greece.
A quick question: what is nearly always an arms length away or in our bags or sitting on our desks. Right, our smartphones! That micro super computer always with us. Now they allow us to access, thanks to the internet, a host of services and devices even if we are far away!

Using an app we can check for smoke thanks to the air quality sensor at home or know if there is smoke, a gas leak, or pollution seeping in, or access connected smart lights or smart plugs to switch on and off home appliances.

The intelligent home is an increasingly frequent topic, and we are passionate about the subject here at Morpheos where we research and develop solutions that improve home life exploiting the internet. You can achieve amazing things with a good system of cameras connected at home, a transformation in the field of videosurveillance and securty for our loved ones and our precious belongings unguarded at home when we are away.

Let’s take this one step at a time.

The new videosurveillance cameras and intelligent software for IoT

We already live in the future. We are diligent towards our loved ones and today it couldn’t be more simple to “keep an eye” out to see if everything is as it should be thanks to IP CAMs, that’s to say those cameras connected to the internet and configured to our account so that we can see on our smartphone or PC screen what’s happening at home and feel reassured or rapidly intervene if the need arises!

These little cameras are usually discrete, near invisible if integrated into the home furnishings and have wide angle vision to give us a broad view of what takes place.

Through cameras, face recognition technology that recognizes friendly faces (family and friends) or strangers, autonomously sending alerts to a preset number and/or law enforcement services.

A lot of us spend a good part of the day away from home, but our four-legged friends stay in and have the whole home to themselves! They may be in the company of grandparents or small children.

A rapid response is everything and time can often be critical!

Choosing the right products and that incorporate advanced technologies, the home can really be made intelligent and autonomously detect emergencies.

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Daniele Pecoraro