Video Surveillance & Security Lighting

Motion sensors, also called motion detectors, if associated with a lighting system can automatically turn on lights each time a movement is detected by the sensor.

They are ideal for covering the area in front of the garage and the front garden, and can switch outdoor lighting on and off that is placed to illuminate areas that are covered by video surveillance cameras, when the latter do not incorporate them.

Statistics confirm that attempted break-ins and/or intrusions are largely deterred by the presence of a video surveillance system in combination with intelligent lighting.

Outdoor lighting with incorporated motion sensors additionally offer energy savings as they automatically turn off when left on.

How does a motion sensor work?

Motion sensors are very simple but… movement has little to do with their functionality!
Most motion sensors detect heat irradiation, that is transformed into a measurable electrical signal. This signal switches the connected light on and off.

When buying a motion sensor, make sure it can cover the area you need to monitor (that is, its detection range and its horizontal and vertical detection capability), the duration of batteries if is not connected to your power supply, how easy it is to connect, and the ability to set light levels (that determine turning off and on of lighting and if its brightness adjusts to natural light throughout the day).

When installing a motion sensor, it is important to consider the presence of possible interferences or obstacles, even future ones (for example plant growth or dense vegetation that can be blown by the wind into the path of the sensors coverage).

And finally, remember that there is a difference between indoor and outdoor motion sensors, so whether you are buying online or at a retail store, make sure you get the one you need!