smart home donna sistemi domotici controllo via app

Apart from social conventions, cultural stereotypes and the role that society has assigned, women have acquired an increasing awareness of themselves and of their needs.
With an eye for detail and critical, women recognize the potential advantages that smart devices can offer. Today women can organize their domestic environment with an intelligent vitality, redefining the values of the modern home within the concept of the smart home.
The possibility of creating scenarios with innovative domestic systems is a new reality confirming the inseparable association between design and technological evolution.

The future of design is the Smart Home and women of today want to interact with intuitive smart devices not giving up to
furniture style.

During the years, women, attentive to consumptions and efficiency, recognized quality of their appliances. Nowadays, more and more busy, need to be safe and manage their own devices, even when they are away from home.

Women are self-possessed, they decide to simplify their way of life conferring to the smart home an important role, that is guaranteeing safety, functionality, comfort and energy saving.

The home of future isn’t a far scenario any more, but it is part of our daily life, revolutionizing our habits and guaranteeing a more versatile and technologically safe domestic environment.


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Giusi Picone is a mother and worker, hunter of technologies to survive in the jungle of her daily duties.